Meeting with Jérôme Dreyfuss

Jérôme Dreyfuss has been passionate about fashion design since he was a child. After studying fashion in Paris, he joined John Galliano’s team and created his first women’s ready-to-wear collection at only 23 years old. In 2002, the designer launched a leather goods collection called“Roots de Luxe”. The success was immediate: the bags became real best-sellers in France and abroad! If Jérôme Dreyfuss is passionate about fashion, he is also fond of design and especially of 20th century pieces. So we went to meet him to discover what he likes so much about vintage design furniture.

How would you define your interior style?
I would certainly say “inspiring”!

Who are your favourite 20th century designers?
I particularly like the work of Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Carlo Mollino, Isamu Nogushi, George Nelson and many others.

What are the latest design pieces you have bought?
I recently purchased a pair of Elipson plaster ball speakers on a wooden base.



What pieces do you dream of having?
I dream of having a Calder mobile!



Where was the last place you went that blew your mind?
I was very impressed with the grand Montesol Hotel in Ibiza!


How did you hear about Design Market?
I found out about Design Market by word of mouth.

What links do you make between fashion and interior design? Do your tastes in decoration have anything in common with your creations?
The link is certainly the creative process, the desire to create something beautiful, well-made, to make something that makes sense.
There is indeed a strong link between my fashion and decoration tastes: a desire for beautiful materials, craftsmanship and practicality.

What role do design and decoration play in the layout of your shops? And in your workshops?
The place of design is very important in my shops, it’s a question of being able to create a place that looks like me and that allows you to understand my world.


1 – Bed “No. 700” Knoll International, Richard STEIN – 1950 | 2 – Suite of 4 wall lights “NOS” Raak in white lacquered metal – 1960 | 3 – Coffee table “CM 191” Thonet, Pierre PAULIN – 1959 | 4 – Swedish rocking chair in pine and sheepskin – 1940

A big thank you to Jérôme for giving us his time for this interview!