Meeting with Mariekke

Recently, we met blogger and space designer Mariekke. After working for 10 years in public communication, Marie Froideval trained at the prestigious Ecole Boulle and then founded her own interior design studio. A more than successful reconversion of which she shares some secrets with us in this interview!

How did your passion for interior design come about? What are your sources of inspiration?

It’s a family story! My mother loves to hunt and dragged me from one flea market to another as a child, not to mention the time we spent together decorating the family home! It seems that I have caught the virus 😉

Mixed with this family passion, the ten years I spent working in the graphic arts still have a strong influence on my work, both in terms of drawing and colours.

How would you define your interior style?

My home is mixed and colourful! Lots of small vintage furniture, various styles and periods, lots of photos and litho on the walls and a collection of all kinds of light fixtures, a passion of mine.


Furniture designed by Mariekke to be found here

What are the latest design pieces you have bought?

A reissue of the J110 from Volther, my office chair from now on. And my Frigidaire, an original!

Who are your favourite 20th century designers? Do you have a favourite iconic piece (lounge chair, egg chair, tulip, barcelona….)?

My desires are very often in the lighting department, more than in furniture; or in seating, I have a fierce passion for seating. Fortunately the size of my Parisian flat limits my purchases. But for some time now, I’ve been eyeing a Togo lounge chair. As soon as I move 🙂

Before becoming an interior designer, you were a project manager in communications. What was the trigger for your professional reconversion?

The incompressible desire to create! Not to mention the fact that I never thought of doing a job that was not a passion, another family obsession.

For 10 years, public communication was a great motivation to get up in the morning. The day it was no longer the case, I started to think about another profession, and decoration was an obvious choice!

What were the stages of your career change? What were the obstacles to overcome?

As soon as I had my new job in mind, I went fishing for information and set myself the first step of this reconversion: going back to school to learn at least the basics. I decided to take the course taught by GRETA with the prestigious École Boulle, and I was not disappointed. It is great!

And as soon as I had completed this training, I launched my independent activity. I have just blown out the first candle of Studio Mariekke and my order book is already full for the first months of 2017!

I don’t see the elements as obstacles. My job as a project manager has taught me to anticipate all possible scenarios, that’s what I’ve done throughout this journey, and still today, and I think that’s one of the keys to success. Not the only one of course, but one of the essential ones. When you anticipate, you already have the answers to possible problems, so you lose less time.

What advice would you give to someone wishing to change direction and become an interior decorator?

Hang on, there are a lot of us, but when we prepare things well, everything goes well, I am the proof!


Are your clients private individuals or professionals?

Both of them! No more individuals until now, but my experience in many companies gives me an original vision of office spaces, and closer to the issues for the occupants. Finally, I am more than qualified to deal with issues related to commercial spaces and the resulting communication challenges! I like this “double hat” aspect that links my old activity and the new one.

What is the style of your interior design? Would you say that there is a common thread?

Obviously, I listen to the needs of my clients and I follow their needs and desires. Nevertheless, even if the style of each one is very different, I have a particular taste for working on volumes through colour and graphic lines. My last three years spent with talented graphic designers have greatly inspired me and I thank them again.

Can you tell us more about your future projects?

I have some in the pipeline: a complete restructuring and decoration of a small flat in the 18th century; the styling and layout of a guest house in Essone; the decoration and layout of two flats in Boulonnais; the imminent inauguration of a workshop-showroom of a ceramist’s studio… The projects are diverse in their issues, and their styles, what a joy that no two days, no two projects are alike!


1 – “Radius” suspension lamp Føg & Morup, Eric BALSLEV – 1960 | 2 – Woolen kilim rug with floral motifs – 1970 | 3 – Polish poster for the film “Rocky”, Edward LUTCZYN – 1978 | 4 – Vintage cocktail armchair in oak and velvet fabric – 1950 | 5 – Metal wall coat rack – 1950s | 6 – Pair of Doria Leuchten table lamps in brass and glass – 1960 | 7 – Pair of Tatra Nábytok armchairs in wood and grey fabric – 1960 | 8 – Cherry wood storage unit with mirror – 1950

Discover the work of the talented Mariekke by clicking here!