Modulate your interior with a designer bookcase!

For more flexibility, why not opt for a modular bookcase? Whether you are a bookworm or an occasional reader, bookcases and wall shelving systems are decorative elements in their own right. For the more dedicated among you, the bookcase can cover an entire wall in your flat or house. It can also be a room or a corner dedicated to the exercise of this so pleasant pastime that is reading!

A multi-faceted piece of furniture

The designer bookcase must be functional but also decorative! Where you store your books is a precious place. Shelving system, wall shelves or wall bookcase, the modular style adapts to all interiors and offers you more freedom! The library can be made up of a set of wall shelves or storage units placed end to end or one on top of the other

Books are no longer the only residents of the bookcases in our modern interiors. Plants, clocks, small pictures, mirrors and frames, why not embellish your furniture with decorative objects?

For vintage lovers, you will be delighted to learn that the greatest designers have put their stamp or specialised in this piece of furniture. Charlotte Perriand, Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier and many other designers have taken up this piece of furniture, which is resolutely timeless by nature

Design icon: the modular bookcase by Strinning

The architect and designer Nisse Strinning left a lasting impression on post-war design, particularly in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, with his boundless innovation. He is most famous for his book shelving system, which he created together with his wife Kajsa Strinning

In 1949, he designed one of the icons of Scandinavian furniture: the “String” shelves. This modular system of two wire uprights and wooden shelves was a huge success!

Nisse Stripping shelf for Sting 1960 in oak of Danish origin

Adjustable and modular, it’s up to you to make your wall shelving system to measure!

Combining practicality and unparalleled design, its modular shelving system still seduces Scandinavian vintage furniture lovers today!

The modular bookcase is really the one that will fit your space and your needs. All our vintage bookcases and shelves can be found on Design Market!