New year, new interior!

Who doesn’t want a unique and dazzling interior to start 2019 off right? Redistributing spaces, changing furniture, choosing new decorative elements, …
It’s not as easy as it sounds! The more we look at the abundance of inspirations we find on dedicated websites, the more difficult it is to find the style that best suits our interior and our desires. Even if we all have the impression that we have a decorator’s side, we must face the facts: a successful interior design requires more than knowing how to choose a beautiful chair, a designer sofa or a paint colour for the living room wall.

To make sure you get it right, it’s best to stick to some simple rules:

  1. Build your decor around a beautiful piece: ready to treat yourself to the designer armchair of your dreams? Take the plunge and organize your decor around your new acquisition!
  2. Play with accessories: you can completely change the atmosphere of your home with accessories. Lamps, rugs, wall decorations, … The choice is vast and often at low cost!
  3. Redistribute the space: change the layout of your furniture, create a separation with a screen, … Changing the organisation of your interior can be an excellent idea to feel different!

Finally, the editors have put together three examples of interiors that respect these three tips:

inspiration 1
1 – Suite of 4 black hanging lamps for Louis Poulsen | 2 – Suite of 4 fibreglass chairs by Eames for Herman Miller | 3 – Vintage Dutch birch table | 4 – Vintage Samarkand rug

inspiration 2
1 – Vintage Venetian mirror | 2 – Flag Halyard armchair by Hans J.Wegner for Getama – 1960 | 3 – Vintage walnut side table by Charles Dudouyt | 4 – Vintage white Moroccan rug

inspiration 3
1 – Glass poster of the Munich Olympic Games – 1972 | 2 – Large sofa by Florence Knoll, for Knoll International – 1960 | 3 – Suite of 2 Danish armchairs “300” by Arne Hovmand-Olsen | 4 – Red Turkish wool carpet