Our bohemian summer 2022 selection

To prepare for the summer season, we thought it was essential to present our 2022 bohemian selection.

Natural materials such as rattan, wood or wool will be in the spotlight and the warm and pure colours will sublimate the spaces.

Scandinavian suspension, Rattan armchair, Ole Wanscher sofa by Cado
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Different from the cocooning atmosphere, the bohemian design proposes to mix colours, materials and is not afraid to mismatch styles. Ethnic motifs take place in our interiors as if to invite us to travel.

The Orient Major lamp by Jo Hammerborg

Let’s start our journey to the Orient with this beautiful lamp by Jo Hammerborg. Its teardrop shape, reminiscent of the world of a thousand and one nights, diffuses a very warm light. The little extra: it is available in several sizes to fit all surfaces and its colour variation is perfect for our bohemian selection.

Our other bohemian-inspired lamps :

The Emmanuelle armchair

Did you know that this armchair was originally called the “Pomare” armchair? Born on the island of Tahiti, it was the famous erotic film that made it world-famous, and renamed it over time.

This design icon is inseparable from the bohemian spirit. It invites you to travel and relax with its large, majestic backrest, and its chic, bohemian style fits equally well in a bedroom, a living room or on a pretty terrace.

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You will also certainly fall in love with our other wicker and rattan chairs:


Let’s continue our journey with our selection of beautiful screens. First appearing during the Zhou dynasty in China in the IVᵉ century BC, they have since crossed eras and continents. Initially designed to prevent the wind from blowing into rooms, they have reinvented themselves as space dividers, and even, as voting booths.

Painters, upholsterers and cabinet makers have created true works of art on this magnificent object.

Azilal carpets

We now stop off in the Atlas Mountains to look at the Berber Azilal rugs. The weavers make them from the wool of sheep, which are found in the mountains. They create brightly coloured geometric patterns on a white background that tell a story, an emotion.

The meridian, the daybed

Let’s finish our selection with our beautiful daybeds. Ideal for resting, enjoying the passing of time, and why not, discover our complete collection dedicated to vintage bohemian furniture by clicking here. Happy discoveries to all!

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