Rattan: the timeless vintage touch!

Loved for its lightness, its naturalness and its resolutely vintage side, rattan is a timeless element in the world of decoration. Very trendy, rattan decoration can be combined with different decorative styles: bohemian chic, cosy, tropical… As an armchair, a chandelier or a bedside table, rattan brings softness to your home and will blend in perfectly with your furniture!

Focus on a decorating trend: rattan

If rattan has seduced the greatest designers such as Gio PONTI, Lio CARMINATI or Dirk VAN SLIEDREGT, it is because it offers infinite possibilities in terms of design. Armchairs, chairs, hanging baskets, side tables… thanks to its natural material, rattan always finds its place in our interior, bringing a cosy and warm touch.

Judge for yourself these ultra trendy rattan pieces!

Rattan armchairs: the must-have for a successful decor!

Round rattan armchair, Emmanuel armchair, rattan rocking chair, egg chair… sit comfortably for a pleasant moment of reading in your living room, your garden, on your terrace or your balcony. Rattan furniture will look good in your home but also outside so you can enjoy the beautiful days!

The rattan mirror: your decorative ally!

Create a feeling of grandeur in your space by bringing light thanks to rattan mirrors. For a successful decoration, opt for rather discreet mirrors with original shapes. Do not hesitate to multiply the mirrors of different shapes and sizes in order to sublimate your interior.

Rattan shelves to complete your decor

To finalise your decoration, add the little touch that will make the difference in your interior with a small rattan shelf. Ideal for echoing the material of your rattan furniture, it can easily be incorporated into all your rooms and highlight all your decorative objects.

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