Rustic style for a comfortable winter

The rustic style is an architectural style that emerged in the mid-20th century in rural areas of the United States. Inspired by the interiors of country houses, it is comforting, cozy and warm. Synonymous with a return to the country, it appeals to children and adults alike

Discover in this article all the characteristics of the rustic style.


How to define the rustic style?

Rustic style is known for its unmistakable reminder of nature. Simple, authentic and functional, it is imposed by its materials, its colours and its furniture


Rustic materials:

The rustic style favours raw and natural materials. Wood is a fundamental part of the rustic style. It can be found on the parquet floor, the ceiling, the beams, or on the walls and panelling. We like it irregular and with its imperfections which make all its charm

Stone is also an essential material in the rustic style, like wood, it is found on walls, ceilings and floors. Practical and durable, it brings a feeling of warmth. For metals, it’s copper and brass, especially for decorative accessories or lighting

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Rustic furniture

The rustic style chooses antique and handcrafted furniture made of wood, wicker, or leather.

For decoration, we opt for retro objects with a simple and authentic design such as clocks, copper dishes or candles. For fabrics, warm colours, soft plaids, fabrics with checks, polka dots or stripes, furs or fake furs are preferred

The rustic decor should above all remain practical and functional, it should not be overloaded with the risk of an impression of disorder. Rustic style furniture and decoration can generally be found at garage sales or antique shops

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The colours of the rustic style

For a rustic style, we choose colours with neutral tones, especially for the floor, walls and ceilings. For the furniture and decoration it is possible to add natural and soft colours: taupe, beige, or brown and brighter colours like red, green or blue


The rustic style is a call to rural spaces, tranquility and nature…

Our selection of rustic furniture:

Rustic style in different rooms of your house

The living room


The dining room and kitchen


The bedroom

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The bathroom

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Our selection of rustic furniture