Say yes to second hand!

In 2022, the subject of ecology is on everyone’s lips, with the same objective: to protect the environment in a sustainable way. Second hand is fully involved in improving the ecological system. As a reminder, the principle of second hand is to give a second life to an object by allowing it to find a new owner, rather than being thrown away

So you too can help preserve the planet and go second hand!

veronique Cotrel

What is fast design?

Fast design is based on the same principle as fast fashion: the impulse buying and hyper-consumption of low-cost, medium-quality furnishings following ephemeral trends and the rhythm of the seasons. The fast fashion brands have understood this trend and have adapted and developed in the furniture and decoration sector: Zara Home, H&M Home or Mango Home..


What is the impact of fast design on our planet?

The furniture sector is a major contributor to the pollution of our planet. According to the ADEME, the French throw away 2 million tons of furniture, that is to say an average of 33 kg of furniture per year and per inhabitant. It is high time to act and reduce this average. Take the time to buy your furniture, favour timeless pieces such as those by designers Charles and Ray Eames, Pierre Paulin or Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and make them live as long as possible!


Why go second-hand?

Second hand is a beneficial way of consuming, it brings you an ecological and economical solution



You feel concerned by the future of the planet? Fight against the fast design and opt for the second hand!

The purchase of second hand gives a second life to furniture, fights against overconsumption, exploitation of raw materials and participates in the circular economy

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Save money by going second-hand with much cheaper items than those bought in shops. Regarding these prejudices, second hand does not mean bad condition, on the contrary, the majority of furniture sold in second hand is as new and often of better quality.


Second hand is for all of us, from ordinary furniture to collectible furniture, there is something for every taste and budget. You can find collector’s items at bargain prices as well as references that are impossible to find on the market

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