Space Age Design or when design decides to conquer space!

Space Age design is making a comeback in our homes. A radical aesthetic movement that emerged in the early 1950s, Space Age design marked a real turning point in the world of design thanks to its futuristic utopian style marked by the conquest of space.

The origin of Space Age design

In the aftermath of the Second World War, the population felt felt threatened by nuclear power due to the use of the atomic bomb. Aware of this threat, science took a central place in society and gave birth to the society by giving birth to the Space Age design, a movement that was unavoidable because influenced by atomic science and the space age.

Easily recognisable with its geometric, starry and galactic patterns but also because of the industrial materials used, the Space Age marks a turning point in society. With the demands of war, new innovative materials such as fibreglass, plastic or moulded plywood were used for furniture. These materials were extremely malleable and could be shaped to fit the human body.

Salons Space Age Design

Original and futuristic, the Space Age was able to impose itself and seduce the greatest number of people by proposing a journey into the lands of elegance and infinite dreams… Moreover, many museums have organised exhibitions on the art of everyday objects, such as the Brooklyn Museum in 2011 with its exhibition entitled “American Art and Design in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960”.

Plastic furniture? What a fantastic idea! what a fantastic idea!

Innovative designs, atypical lines… What better way to create space-age furniture than with plastic? The great designers of the time such as Verner PANTON, Joe COLOMBO, Eero Aarnio and Vico MAGISTRETTI understood perfectly: combining design and technology was the challenge to take up in order to seduce the consumer society and respond to the urgent need for furniture in the aftermath of the war. With an optimism and confidence that was shared by a large part of society, Space Age design conquered our homes. With its characterful design, abstract and clean organic forms, unique and minimalist lines and accessibility, Space Age has found its way into many homes to create a unique, elegant and modern atmosphere.

Lampes Space Age
Space Age Lamps

Closely related to the Pop movement of the 1960s, it is common to find functional and sturdy Space Age furniture made of plastic, foam, formica and PVC in flashy and complementary colours. A futuristic style that will never cease to excite you!

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