Special winter 2020 design shopping list

Winter is here and it’s not ready to say goodbye yet! The time when you just want to be warm at home is here, but your decorating doesn’t seem to be up to speed… Focus on this season’s trends with our special winter 2020 shopping list

With temperatures dropping, your home should be warmer than ever! Our desire for cocooning and hygge is at an all-time high and you’d like your decor to follow suit. Check out our special Winter 2020 design shopping list to help you warm up your home.

To see your home transformed into an effortless winter cocoon, it’s important to opt for several cold-weather decorating elements. At the top of the list are warm and natural materials: wood, fur, cotton, leather, etc. And accessories that will compliment them: candleholders, brass objects, ethnic rugs, etc. In short, we want to create a warm winter decor. Our favourite: chromatic combinations of warm and cold colours to find the perfect contrast. Grey meets copper, white meets gold, etc

And for the more daring, it is always possible to dare with bright colours to counter the winter dullness. Playing with the accumulation of materials can also bring a comforting atmosphere to your interior, while remaining in the trend of this winter 2020. And for the wiser ones, opt for more timid shades that will bring a touch of softness, without becoming boring. Ochre and flesh tones will even tend to make your interior brighter, which is only a plus during the least sunny season of the year!

Asyou can see, the aim of our special winter shopping list is to combine elegance and cosy style, while respecting everyone’s tastes, so that you can find the pearl that will make all the difference in your winter decor!

An oak and leathermagazine rack for your reading evenings

A pair of white glass and brasshangers to light up your ceilings

The star of Hygge interiors, the iconic Clam Shell armchair

A Beni Ouarain rug to warm up your floors

For a chalet atmosphere, a pretty patinated stool

A pair of Scandinavian teak candle holders to burn your candles with elegance

An ivory leather chair for a touch of light

A brass chandelierto make your interior sparkle

A pine sideboard to have everything within reach and never leave your plaid

A sheepskin sofa, the new companion for your long winter evenings

And you, what are your decorating desires for this winter?