The art of creating an arty interior!

Of all the interior design styles, the arty style is certainly one of the most complex to master. Those who revere this style praise the detail and affirm that the decorative object is a work of art in its own right! Lovers of this style know how to mix eras like no one else and are masters in the art of staging.

The arty style focuses on details for interiors that look like art galleries. It invites you to mix styles from different eras and to showcase the various decorative accessories in a room. In an arty interior, the interior spaces are spacious and open. Arty furniture and objects are both design and vintage, with unstructured, geometric and even offbeat shapes. Red, orange, green, blue, the colours stand out, they are acidic, daring and in total contrast with each other.

And as this style can only be acquired through the power of the eyes, we have identified 3 inspirations to reproduce at home. Here’s a quick look!

1 – Polish vintage industrial hanging lamp 2 – Vintage furniture poster – 1930 3 – Thonet vintage furniture poster – 1930 4 – “Togo” vintage 2 seater sofa in leather by Michel Ducaroy

1 – Vintage bedside lamp “Caillou” – 1970 2 – Original Polish poster “I’m going to wait in Monte Carlo” by Andrzej Krajewski – 1960 3 – Vintage blue armchair with low H-shaped legs by Charles Eames for Herman Miller – 1970 4 – Vintage purple and pink Turkish rug

1 – Vintage canoe poster of the Munich Summer Olympics 2 – Suite of 6 brown leather chairs for Les Arcs – 1970 3 – Vintage Danish rosewood desk 4 – Suite of 3 vintage mouth-blown vases – 1930