The art of the table at the heart of festivities and design

A moment full of emotion and sharing and sharing, we are all looking forward to the preparation of the end of year end of the year! What a pleasure it is to get out the old boxes to decorate the house with what a pleasure it is to get out your old cardboard boxes and decorate your house with bright garlands and coloured baubles! Now that the christmas tree is up, it might be a good idea to think about decorating your your table. You don’t have any ideas to decorate your table? Don’t panic, we’ll explain everything!

A red and white table decoration for a traditional Christmas

The red and white decoration may be cliché cliché, but it is still extremely effective and traditional. With a white tablecloth and red decoration elements for a chic table tablecloth for a chic table or a gingham tablecloth for a country spirit, your table will certainly seduce your your guests. Decorate your table with pine cones and a few candles to warm up the atmosphere! warm up the atmosphere!

L’art de la table rouge et blanc

A golden table decoration? Richness guaranteed!

What would the festive season be without without gold? Under the sign of modernity and elegance, many designers such as designers such as PAULIN, MOGENSEN, HAMMERBORG, HARCOURT, SCIOLARI, JAKOBSSON and NELSON have and NELSON have come up with beautiful pieces to complement our interiors. However, be careful to use however, be careful to use gold in a subtle way so as not to fall into the “too much. Used in small touches on your table, gold will will bring elegance and refinement to your table. The wow effect is guaranteed!

L’art de la table doré

Colour and more colour on your table

Very trendy, colour is inviting itself on our tables for the holidays. Bring a breath of fresh air and originality to your your interior by playing with colours. A little decorating advice: don’t hesitate to combine colours with those of your interior decoration by mixing them with gold or silver elements to bring shine and elegance to your and elegance to your table.

L’art de la table coloré

When nature invites itself to your table for the holidays

Nature Lovers, get ready, these decorating tips are for you! If table art rhymes with naturalness and charm, then furniture from famous designers such as KRISTIANSEN, WEGNER, JALK, VODDER, CADOVIUS and EAMES will fit perfectly into your home for a perfectly in your interior for a natural table!

L’art de la table naturel

Design Market tips for a 100% festive table!

The art of the table for the holidays but you still have doubts about how to create the perfect table? the perfect table? No problem! To help you, our team has put together a team has put together a short summary to help you enjoy a magical and elegant holiday season elegance and magic.

L’art de la table selon Design Market

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