The Cherner Chair by Norman Cherner

norman-cherner-designer Norman Cherner is probably less well known to the general public than an Eames or a Jacobsen, but chances are you have seen his designs many times!

Norman Cherner was born in the United States in 1920. He studied at Columbia University, where he taught in the Fine Arts Department for several years. He joined the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1947 as an instructor. This period marked a turning point in his career as it was here that he became interested in the Bauhaus movement and in particular in multidisciplinary design. He broke with the very classical vision of the time, which consisted in considering architecture as an art and not as an industry, and in favouring beauty and noble materials

If we had to remember one thing about Cherner in order to understand his work, it would undoubtedly be his fierce desire to offer furniture and housing accessible to as many people as possible. This desire has accompanied him in each of his creative processes. It was because of this vision that Cherner turned to prefabricated and plywood materials, which were revolutionary at the time! These manufacturing techniques enabled him to offer homes and furniture at reasonable prices

In 1958, Norman Cherner designed the sublime Cherner chair. Initially, it was published by Plycraft and then by the Cherner Chair Company , which is still the official publisher today. The chair has elegant and refined curves and is made of a moulded and veneered plywood structure. The Cherner Chair is available in several finishes: natural walnut, natural beech, natural red gum, natural white oak, walnut and ebony, classic walnut, classic ebony, Stella orange, ebony and beech, lacquered ebony and white lacquer.


The seat can be upholstered and covered with fabric, skai or leather:

The Cherner chair exists “without arms”:

With the metal base:

In the office chair version:

You can also find a bar stool version with wooden or metal legs:

The model also exists in a lounge chair and ottoman version since 2012:

The Cherner chair is a design classic for many reasons: its timeless and graceful curves, its innovative material, its many variations adapted to the needs of the public… Next year it will celebrate its 60th birthday and yet, we can easily say that it still hasn’t aged a bit!

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