The comeback of travertine

Travertine is a very popular material because of its marble-like appearance, durability, ease of maintenance and adaptability. Indeed, it can be used in many areas of your home, both inside and outside


Today travertine is not only used for floors or construction, it is also very popular for its use in furniture!

What is travertine?

Travertine, also known as “calcareous tuff” is a natural stone of calcareous origin that forms near water sources or hot springs. Popular in antiquity, and formerly quarried in Italy, this stone was used for many historical monuments such as the Colosseum. Today, travertine is mostly quarried in Turkey.

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Travertine is a rock both aesthetic and resistant, with irregular light color. Depending on its asperities, it can meet shades of beige, white, gray, yellow, brown or ocher.

The travertine tables, THE big trend!

The travertine table does not go unnoticed … It is at the top of the trends for fall 2022!

Whether round, rectangular, low or high, the travertine table is an elegant, sober and natural piece that enhances your interior

The travertine table in your dining room


The travertine coffee table in your living room


The travertine bedside table in your bedroom


The travertine side table to decorate your home


Travertine tables to discover on Design Market:

How to pair the travertine table

Paired with light shades such as beige, white or pastel, terracotta colored furniture immediately catches the eye and adds pizzazz to your room. The travertine table, neutral in color, has the advantage of being able to associate with most interiors

It is preferred,

Beige, a warm color, will ideally combine with colors of the same palette (beige, off-white, brown), but not only, it can also be a nice contrast with colors such as black or terra cotta.

We avoid,

Beige does not go with cold colors like gray or blue.

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