The F588 armchair by Geoffroy Harcourt

The chair must adapt to the man and not the other way round” said Geoffroy Harcourt, a great English designer. This thought testifies to his sharp mind, his new vision of design and particularly of seating design.


After studying at the Royal College of Art in London, Geoffroy Harcourt began a long collaboration with the renowned Dutch publisher Artifort. The designer designed various series of furniture for the office. Harcourt was soon successful and received numerous awards, including the title of Royal Designer for Industry in 1978. The public was also delighted with his work, and it propelled Artifort onto the international stage!


Top: F141 armchair (1967), Cléopatra meridian (1970), chair (1960s) | Bottom: F519 armchair (1960s), 042 bench (1960s), F141 armchair (1967)

The F588 armchair designed in 1967 is one of his best-sellers. The keys to its success are obvious: it is comfortable thanks to its foam padding, functional thanks to its base that can be turned, and of course it is truly elegant! Judge for yourself:


Geoffroy Harcourt has thought about the needs and desires of everyone, several derivative models exist:

F510/F511 (model without button)


F584/F585 (upholstered model)


F588/F589 (heated version)


F590/F591 (with buttons)


Odd numbers indicate models with a low backrest, even numbers indicate models with a high backrest. The base can be fixed or rotating. The upholstery can be covered with fabric, leather or skai. As you can see, the possibilities are numerous and very attractive!

Since 2011, the brand has only reissued the F590 and F591 versions. So if you want to buy this exceptional piece, you’ll have to go for a vintage model!

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