The Hygge style, for a decoration that warms up your interior!

As you may have noticed, “Hygge” has been a topic of conversation in all the decorating media for the past few years. Probably thanks to the democratization of this concept, via books like “The Hygge Book” by Meik Wiking or “Hygge” by Louisa Thomasen. But who exactly is this Hugues?

Originally, it’s more a way of life and a state of mind than a decorative style. A bit of feng-shui, common sense, relaxation and zenitude, accompanied by an ethnic-Scandinavian-vintage decoration and there you have it, you are at the top of “Hygge”!

The “Hygge” decorating trend is the perfect embodiment of the Scandinavian style and translates Danish-style happiness. To adopt “Hygge” in your home, combine comfort, simplicity and conviviality. Here are some tips for an interior design that reflects your personality and comforts you.

Designing a comforting universe

To adopt a “Hygge” interior design, you need to create a real cocoon to feel good at home. To do this, there are some essential elements that you cannot do without. Comfort means creating cosy corners with knitted XXL plaids, soft cushions and animal skins (preferably fake). You need to bring together all the elements in which you can feel like you’re in a cocoon.


This also involves lighting: opt for subdued lighting with garlands to be hung wherever you like or scented (or not) candles to be placed in all the rooms.

bougies guirlandes

Play with raw and natural materials

Wood, linen, ceramic, that’s all you need to be “Hygge”! Raw materials go perfectly with skins and furry cushions. The return to naturalness is one of the essential steps for a “Hygge” interior decoration! So choose linen for your sheets and ceramic for drinking your tea.


Choose soft colours

In addition to comforting materials and raw materials, soft colours are essential. Powdered pink, pearl grey, off-white, these soft colours should dominate your interior.


Create corners to disconnect

Hygge is also about thinking about yourself and allowing yourself moments of disconnection to decompress. You can therefore create spaces to take time for yourself. Give yourself a reading corner or a knitting corner to leave your smartphone behind and let yourself go.


Focus on Scandinavian furniture

The choice of furniture, of course, also counts in this decorating trend. So opt for vintage Scandinavian furniture, which is a guarantee of simplicity and comfort.

Finally, if you’re still afraid to go it alone, call on interior design professionals!

They will be able to guide you in your choices, from the idea to the realisation of your customised project.