The Jieldé lamp by Jean-Louis Domecq

Few design pieces can boast of being produced without interruption since their creation date. The Jieldé lamp is one of the lucky ones! Let’s take a look at the history of this timeless lamp and its creator Jean-Louis Domecq


jean-louis-domecqJean-Louis Domecq was born in Lyon in 1920. During the second half of the 1940s, the young man from Lyon noticed the lack of lighting fixtures that met the requirements of his work as a mechanic. Curious and ambitious, he set himself the challenge of designing a lamp adapted to his needs. He succeeded: after a few tests, the final model was created in 1950. The following two years enabled him to industrialise the production of this revolutionary lamp with its articulated arm. In 1953, he founded the company Jieldé, a name directly inspired by his initials. Success was not long in coming: the Jieldé lamp was quickly adopted and found its way into many workshops and factories! Its success is not at all surprising: its articulated arm has no electrical wires and can be turned as required, its lighting is precise and makes meticulous tasks easier.



Since its creation, Jean-Louis Domecq has proposed numerous variations of the model

With the decline of the French industry, one might have expected the decline of Jieldé lamps… However, the opposite was true! Design enthusiasts and professionals have appreciated this small industrial lamp for its true value. It has to be said that it has many qualities: it is robust, practical and has that special something that makes it unique!

In the 1990s, Jieldé lamps were introduced into the home. From then on, the model that was called “Standard” became “Loft”. A whole series of variations followed, such as the small“Signal” lamp and the “Augustin“, “Clément“, ” Beaumont ” and other hanging lamps. Jieldé lamps are still made in Lyon: they are 100% French!


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