The Lamino chair by Yngve Ekström

As you may have guessed from our previous articles, we are in a cocooning mood! So you won’t be surprised if we tell you that we dream of Scandinavian pieces and in particular of the comfortable Lamino armchair designed by the Swedish designer Yngve Ekström! If you don’t know him, we offer you a little catch-up session!

Let’s start with the portrait of his designer! Yngve Ekström was born in 1913 in Hagafors Småland, home of Sweden’s oldest furniture manufacturing company. As a teenager, Ekström worked in a sawmill and discovered a passion for wood. His keen curiosity led him to study a variety of subjects, including sculpture, art history, music and drawing. Finally, it was to design thatYngve Ekström turned. As you can imagine, the Swedish designer’s pieces are made of wood. They are the result of precise and rigorous work, whose primary objective was to ensure the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Several of his pieces are on display in various museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

In 1956, the designer designed the piece that made him famous: the Lamino chair. This seat is exceptionally comfortable thanks to its wide seat and high back. It offers a real moment of relaxation for the person sitting in it. Since its creation, the Lamino chair has been produced by craftsmen in southern Sweden. The materials used have been carefully selected and are therefore of high quality. This chair is a perfect example of Scandinavian designers’ skill and ability to create elegant, refined and comfortable pieces.

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