The mirror in every room of your house

The mirror is an indispensable part of your daily life. In your bathroom to comb your hair, in your bedroom to look at your outfit of the day, in your living room to enlarge your space or even as a simple decoration, it is present in each of our interiors. In addition to its practical aspect, it is also coveted for giving an atmosphere, rhythm, enlargement, illumination, depth or optical illusions to the different rooms of your home


The mirror is infinitely versatile. Many designers have created new mirror designs according to their codes, such as the Italians Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte, Osvaldo Borsani or Sergio Mazza

To shape our living spaces, the mirror offers a multitude of possibilities, which we suggest you discover in this article.

1 – The mirror in your living room

eve Campestrini

Above your sofa, your sideboard, your fireplace, many combinations are available to you. In a living room, the mirror finds its place according to the arrangement of your furniture in the space. Here, the mirror enhances the fireplace and the bookcase while giving an impression of depth in the living room.

2 – The mirror in your bedroom


Installing a full-length mirror will brighten up your bedroom and is especially ideal for making it easier to get ready in the morning

3 – The mirror in your bathroom

andy MacPherson

Combine the useful with the pleasant!

A simplemirror, magnifying or illuminating, the mirror in your bathroom is generally placed above the basins and furniture, to remove your make-up, style your hair or brush your teeth. It is an essential part of your bathroom

4 – The mirror in your hallway

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The mirror is often a piece of furniture found in the main entrances of interiors. Simply hung on the wall or above a piece of furniture, it reflects and amplifies the light, decorates the space, and allows you to take a quick look at yourself before leaving your home.

5 – The mirror in your dining room

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For a spacious dining room, opt for the XXL mirror!

The XXL mirror brightens and enlarges your space considerably and changes the whole look of your dining room. The results are guaranteed!