The Orient invites itself in your interior!

The first oriental designs appeared in the 3rd century BC. Throughout history, they develop and spread throughout the world. Following the cultural exchanges between the Western and Eastern world, “chinoiseries”, make their appearance in Europe between the XVII and the XVIII centuries. For Western artists it is a real revolution. Chinese art is fascinating, its exotic aspect changes the codes of classical and traditional art. Very inspired by oriental design, artists and craftsmen began to draw inspiration from it. The chinoiseries are democratized under the reign of Louis XV with the artistic movement Rococo. Over the years, Oriental design has continued to impose itself and to sublimate our interiors

As Chinese New Year approaches, discover in this article the essentials of Oriental design.

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Oriental design in a few points

1-Oriental design uses bright colors usually perfected with a layer of varnish/lacquer for a vibrant effect

2-Red, is one of the most used colors. It symbolizes fire, luck, happiness or vitality

3-The construction of the furniture is made from resistant woods like cedar, oak, poplar… For the construction of screens, a softer wood like bamboo is used.

4- Oriental design is known for its aestheticism and its elegant, authentic, simple and pure style

5- The furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also very functional

6- Painting and drawing are an integral part of the furniture. The illustrations show scenes of life or nature.

Oriental furniture to integrate into your interior

botticelli House

For several centuries, porcelain has been the envy of our interiors. A true collector’s item, it is the work of exceptional know-how and craftsmanship

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The cabinet is an imposing iconic piece that gives soul to your space. Crafted from durable wood, it is a durable, aesthetically pleasing and functional piece

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A true invitation to the oriental world, the lanterns gently light up your interior

françois Coquerel

Does your interior feel empty? Bring your space to life and enliven it with the screen!

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Opt for wallpaper with oriental patterns! Very fashionable, it is the perfect ally to sublimate your space in a soft way.