The “Panton” Chair by Verner Panton


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Verner Panton is an internationally renowned Danish designer. During his prolific career, he designed several tables and chairs (including the “Panton” chair) that have become classic icons of design and vintage furniture.

The famous designer had a predilection for all types of seating furniture (armchair, chair, stool…), and modern and innovative materials (plastic, fibreglass especially), combined with bright colours and innovative lines. The result was unique and singular design pieces, which had a profound effect on the 1960s.


Vitra Archives

At the end of the 1950s, Verner Panton designed the revolutionary Panton chair, the idea for which came to him during a visit to a safety equipment factory. The technical demands were so great that it took several years to produce the first injection-moulded plastic chair. The financial support of Vitra was crucial to the success of the suspended seat design.

Verner Panton experimented with several types of materials: first with rigid fibreglass-reinforced polyester and then with moulded Baydur (a polyurethane foam with a ridge). In 1971, he added reinforcing ribs under the seat that made it possible to inject Luran S. The Panton chair could then be produced in a single operation.

The official editions of the Panton chair are as follows:

    • Published from 1967 by Vitra (Germany) / Herman Miller (Switzerland) in lacquered fibreglass (the so-called “Series 1” model


    • Produced from 1968 to 1971 by Vitra (Germany) / Herman Miller (Switzerland) in Baydur plastic (Model called “Series 2”


    • Edited from 1971 to 1979 by Vitra (Germany) / Herman Miller (USA) in ABS plastic (Model called “Series 3”


  • Produced from 1983 to 1990 by Horn WK/Group
  • Today edited by Vitra in three versions: in lacquered rigid plastic since 1990, in polypropylene since 1999 (Panton Chair Standard

) and in polypropylene version for children since 2006


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Production was halted from 1979 to 1990 because the ABS plastic was not aging well and was breaking. The production of the Panton chair was resumed thanks to the initiative of Verner Panton. He decided to return to the original polyurethane foam moulding process, a more expensive but stronger material.

The vintage model of the Panton chair, called the Panton Chair Classic, is available in three colours: black, red and white.

The Panton Chair Standard is available in six colours: white, blue, orange, red, green and black.

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