The return in beauty of the designer dressing table

Has the hairdresser gone? However, being able to get ready in complete peace of mind* is the dream of a good number of women!

*That is to say, to do one’s make-up/hair somewhere other than standing in the bathroom or in the car between two traffic lights.

This little desk-like pieceof furniture with a mirror and drawers has always charmed women… and designers. But with our days getting shorter and shorter,the dressing table could easily have ended up in the design dustbin or in our attics!

If the dressing table has long held its place in the homes of our forefathers, it has lost its presence over the decades. Women have traded in their long hours of preparation to perfect their finery for a fuller life. So how can we justify the return of the hairdresser? If style is still important today, so isinterior design! The dressing table fits perfectly with this spirit. With it, time is suspended. Her presence invites us to slow down again and take time for ourselves

So for several seasons, under the leadership of vintage design and the return to the essential, the dressing table has been getting a make over and reclaiming its place in our intimate rooms such as the bedroom or bathroom. ” Too 18th century, too bourgeois, too feminine, too coquettish, …” the dressing table has shed these “too many” under the expert fingers of designers to reinvent itself in a new form, resolutely practical and fiercely aesthetic… which obviously makes us want to readopt it!

(Re)discover this emblematic piece of furniture with our selection of dressing tables that are as practical as they are decorative

An acidic Czech version in Art Deco style

A Danish dressing table to complement a Scandinavian decor

For a sharp and geometric style, an asymmetrical metal vanity

A rattan dressing table with a sun mirror

Space is not a problem? Go for an XXL dressing table

… And if on the contrary the space you can give to your beauty corner is smaller, here is a mini version

Need a customised version? Choose a sideboard or a chest of drawers…

… And match it with the mirror of your choice!

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