The Togo sofa by Michel Ducaroy

Michel-DucaroyTo evoke the history of French design without mentioning the name of the talented designer Michel Ducaroy is for us inconceivable! His legendary audacity, his incredible taste for materials, his perpetual will to surpass production techniques are impressive.

Born in 1925 in France, Ducaroy

quickly showed an interest in design. He studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts in Lyon and then joined the family business producing contemporary furniture. In 1954, the brilliant designer joined the Ligne Roset company located in the Ain region, where he would manage the design department until the end of his life.

During the 1960s and 1970s, new materials came into being: foam, wadding, thermoformed plastic… Curious, Ducaroy

took an interest in these innovations and developed an ingenious approach to materials and shapes. Modern, timeless and original creations resulted from his fruitful work, such as the Marsala seat (1970) and the Kali bench (1970).


Marsala seat / Kali bench (source: Marieclairemaison)

It was in 1973 that the designer created his most famous and iconic creation: the legendary Togo sofa. In Michel Ducaroy‘s own words, the Togo cushion seat was directly inspired by“a toothpaste tube folded over itself like a stovepipe and closed at both ends” . Presented for the first time at the Salon des Arts ménagers at the Palais de la Défense in Paris, the model did not immediately meet with the expected success. Despite this, the professionals decided to award it the René-Gabriel prize for its undeniable innovation. As for the public, they quickly took a liking to this piece with its enveloping shape! It must be said that its polyester foam composition gives it a unique comfort! Thanks to the growing success of its creation, Ducaroy proposes several variations of the cushion-seat: sofa (1, 2 or 3 seats), pouffe, armchair etc.


Ligne Roset has remained the exclusive publisher of the Togo sofa since its creation. The brand continues to scrupulously respect the stages of manufacture and the 6 hours of work required to produce a Togo sofa! However, the range of colours and textures on offer has been extended: 899 colours and the possibility of choosing it in leather or fabric.

With over 1 million sold in 58 countries, the Togo sofa remains one of the dream purchases for 20th century design lovers and connoisseurs, especially if it is vintage!

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