The Tulip base: a surprising and timeless design

Eero Saarinen: the master of futuristic functionalism

Vintage Womb armchair

Together with his friend Charles Eames, Finnish designer and architect Eero Saarinen won the first prize in the organic design competition of the Museum of Modern Art in New York with the Womb chair.

In 1956, Eero Saarinen submits to the KNOLL publishing house

a new chair model that will shake up all design codes: the Tulip Chair. Until then, chairs had been made of wood, but Saarinen decided to innovate by using new materials such as fibreglass and by proposing a functional design. His vision of the useful and design chair is simple: to free up space by transforming four legs into one.

The Tulip chair: an accomplished piece of innovation!

While the Tulip chair is functional, it also has a well thought-out aesthetic and comfort. Eero Saarinen decided to add a fabric-covered foam cushion to the seat, attached to the base with a Velcro strap. Several fabric colours such as red, blue and orange are available to match our furniture.

A table on a leg: the Tulip table

Initially designed for chairs, this type of furniture was later developed for tables. Created thanks to the fusion of innovative materials, the Tulip table rests on a single leg allowing to highlight its imposing top declined in different materials (laminate, marble, wood, granite) and shapes (oval or round).

A futuristic style that makes our interiors vibrate

Timeless because it is resolutely contemporary, the Tulip base is available in several sizes and colours to express itself in a surprising way in our interiors by marrying with different decorative styles.

1. Set of 6 armchairs, 2. table, 3. hanging lamp, 4. vase

1.Chandelier, 2. table, 3. oil on canvas, 4. orangeade set

1.Set of 4 armchairs, 2. table, 3. sofa, 4. jug

1.Set of 4 armchairs, 2. Table, 3. Floor lamp, 4. Claustra

1.Shelf, 2. vase, 3. bowl, 4. dining set

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