The wall unit: original storage to dress up our walls

Who doesn’t need storage space for their home? Ideal for small houses or or flat, the wall unit is an essential piece of furniture that allows you to to store your belongings elegantly and add character to your space space. Adopt the wall unit for a unique and personalized environment by playing on the decoration to highlight your books your plants, your decorative objects.

The birth of modular systems

Concerned to offer furniture with infinite combination possibilities and adaptable to all types of poul CADOVIUS, the Danish architect, designer and furniture publisher, invented the modular systems and in particular the Royal System in 1944.

Royal System par Poul Cadovius

Wall units: ideal for giving your walls a new look!

Displaying ornamental objects is the trend that has been coming back in force recently. What could be better than a wall unit to highlight and give a special look to your room? look to your room?

The brands and designers from 20th century Europe such as Poul CADOVIUS, Nisse STRINNING, Frantisek JIRAK, Kai KRISTIANSEN or Pierre CHAPO have created unique models with different styles to fit in with the to fit in with any interior

With invisible fixings, in light or dark wood, you are sure to find the right the right wall unit to dress up your white or coloured wall, highlight your objects and your objects and free up space in your room.

Unités murales

How to decorate your wall unit?

Déco unité murale
1. Wall system, 2. vase, 3. lamp, 4. oil on canvas, 5. sculpture

The Design Market shopping selection!

Whether creative, or if you’re just not imaginative enough to save space and space, we all need a little help with decorating a little help with decorating. Discover the Design Market shopping selection without further ado to to make the most of the square metres in your home with wall units!

Unité murale : idée shopping 1
1. Armchair, 2. sculpture, 3. wall unit, 4. pair of vases
Unité murale : idée shopping 2
1. Desk chair, 2. pair of vases, 3. wall unit, 4. poster
Unité murale : idée shopping 3
1. Armchair, 2. candleholders, 3. paperweight, 4. vase
Unité murale : idée shopping 4
1. Daybed, 2. wall unit, 3. tray, 4. rug
Unité murale : idée shopping 5
1. Chair, 2. wall unit, 3. carpet, 4. lamp
Unité murale : idée shopping 6
1. Armchair, 2. wall unit, 3. box, 4. pair of lamps
Unité murale : idée shopping 7
1. Chair, 2. pair of vases, 3. lamp, 4. box
Unité murale : idée shopping 8
1. Alarm clock, 2. wall unit, 3. coffee set, 4. lamp

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