The Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner

What would Scandinavian design be without Hans Wegner? It’s hard to say, as his role was so decisive in the evolution and development of this design. At a time when the Nordic style lacked flexibility and favoured functionality over aesthetics, Wegner brought a fresh eye to Scandinavian furniture by offering more delicacy, soft curves and light lines.


Wegner designed more than 500 chairs and armchairs during his career! He is the creator of cult pieces that have become design bestsellers. These include the“Papa Bear” chair (1954), the“Round” chair (1949), the “Ox Chair ” (1960) and of course the“Wishbone” chair (1949).


“Papa Bear” chair, “Round” chair and “Ox” chair

We wanted to take a look at one of these icons: the“Wishbone” chair, also known as the“Y” chair – in homage to its backrest in the shape of ahappy bone – or the “n° CH24 ” model. This sublime chair was created in 1949 for the publisher Carl Hansen & Son . Since its release, it has been an incredible commercial success, so much so that it has been produced without interruption for 67 years! TheWishbone chair is one of a series of Chinese chairs inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming chairs. At first glance, one is quickly seduced by its graceful and delicate curves and its undeniable elegance; from any angle, the“Y” chair is beautiful.


Wegner-wishboneWhile the aesthetic qualities ofHans Wegner ‘s creation are obvious, it is important to point out that its comfort is also a major asset! If you have had the chance to sit on a CH24 chair, you should know that its spacious seat allows the person sitting in it to change position as he or she wishes!

The successful sculptural shape and incredible comfort of the“Y” chair are no accident! It takes no less than 100 steps by hand to produce a“Wishbone ” chair. Only sustainable and renewable materials are used to produce the models. The seat requires 120 metres of paper rope and takes more than an hour to make. The result is that the weaving can last up to 50 years!

As you can see, the charm of theWishbone chair is due to the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, and of course to its exceptional quality! At the same time dining chair, occasional chair or office chair, the“Y” model finds its place with ease!

There are different types of wood available: beech, oak, ash, walnut, cherry. The woven paper rope seat can be natural, white or black. And for those who love colours, there are several possible colour combinations. It is impossible not to find theWishbone chair of your dreams!

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