The World of Charles & Ray Eames” exhibition at the Barbican Center in London

Charles & Ray Eames, the mythical couple of 20th century designers, are the subject of a major retrospective at the Barbican Center in London until 14 February. If you are visiting the city of Big Ben, you will certainly want to add this exhibition to your must-see list!

The World Of Charles And Ray Eames

Source: Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Barbican Art Gallery

The duo is known for their fibreglass chairs, the Lounge chair and the the Wire chairbut they are also the originators of many other creations! Through this major exhibition, the museum wishes to pay tribute to the Eames ‘ work in its entirety. It is possible to discover 380 documents and projects: personal letters, photographs, films, drawings, furniture, multimedia installations, etc. The Barbican Center invites us to dive into the world of the Eames, their environment and their pronounced taste for culture (architecture, furniture, graphic design, painting, sculpture, films…)!


Source: Photos by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Barbican Art Gallery

Charles & Ray Eames were a charismatic Californian couple who embodied the triumph of post-war America. If you have the opportunity to see this retrospective, you will be able to see various multi-media works. Among them is a reproduction of their installation Glimpses of the USA , originally presented at the 1959 American National Exhibition in Moscow’s Sokolniki Park. The 7 screens that make up this project were intended to show films highlighting the Western American way of life. It is easy to deduce their pride in their country and their desire to help spread the success of the United States around the world.


Source: Photo Eames Office LLC

While the Barbican Center offers us the opportunity to discover the couple’s many works, it also allows us to delve into their more personal world through moodboards and other image compositions. Both loved to share convivial, artistic and festive moments in their famous West Coast home. They were great travellers with a passion for different cultures, as shown by their interior decoration made of pieces from the countries they visited. Finally, the further you go into the exhibition, the easier it is to understand that their intimate lives and their creations are inseparable.
The World of Charles & Eames’ is therefore aptly named.


Source: Photo by Timothy Street Porter (left), photo by Antonia Mulas, Barbican/Eames Office LLC (right)

All information on the official website: Barbican Center

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