This winter, make the most of your fireplace!

With Design Market, enhancing your fireplace has never been so easy! Depending on the style and colour of your fireplace, it can be difficult to find to find the right decoration to enhance it. We give you we’ll give you some tips on how to make your fireplace and your home look great! and your interior!

A little greenery for a fresh fireplace!

Bring freshness and originality to your plain fireplace by dressing it up with plants or a sumptuous bouquet of fresh or dried flowers in a large vase from NASON, POLI or SEGUSO. Depending on your decoration, we advise you to we advise you to adapt the choice of your plants as well as their number. Small tip: for a tropical decoration, choose hanging plants for a jungle effect! for an assured jungle effect!

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Dress up your fireplace wall

We never stop telling you: don’t leave your walls completely bare! bare! Whether it’s a mirror or frames, the wall of your fireplace will stand out because of its originality your fireplace wall will stand out for its originality. In addition to bringing cachet and and modernity to your decoration, the mirror is also an excellent way to enlarge your room to enlarge your room. For a trendy decoration, we advise you the mirrors from KRISTIANSSON, ALBINI, FRIGERIO, STEJNAR or PONTI.

If if you decide to install a frame above your fireplace, choose coloured or light frames coloured or light-coloured frames in order to highlight it. Also, you can opt for a wall of frames by varying the sizes of the frames to to decorate your fireplace simply.

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Candles for a warm and romantic fireplace..

Simple, original, big, small, you will find candleholders that will match your decoration to to decorate the top of your fireplace. For a romantic and relaxing atmosphere guaranteed, you can also choose scented candles!

If if you have a light-coloured fireplace, you can use candles in several colours candles in different colours. However, if your fireplace is dark, you should opt however, if your fireplace is dark, choose candles in nude tones to highlight them.

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Make way for small decorative objects!

Small photo frames, sculptures, statuettes, busts… small decorative objects are perfect for decorating your your fireplace easily and effectively! However, remember to vary the shapes and shapes and styles according to your decoration. If your interior is more tropical or tropical or art deco, let yourself be seduced by ceramic animal sculptures ceramic animal sculptures. For a Scandinavian interior, opt for minimalist decorative objects.

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