Villa Vassilieff, a uniquely decorated loft

In Paris, there are some unusual places that we don’t always know exist! 21 avenue du Maine is a perfect example. When you walk down this pretty cobbled street where many artists’ studios reside, you can discover the beautiful Villa Vassilieff, the former home of the Russian artist Marie Vassilieff. Painter and sculptor, she is best known for having opened a place of expression for artists and intellectuals during the First World War.


Photo credit: Jane Roussel /

This original place is now home to the Pernod Ricard Foundation and the Villa Vassilieff art centre. It is possible to go there freely, to visit the two floors and to observe the original furniture decorating this very beautiful loft. Numerous artists from all over the world regularly come to present their work, to exchange and debate about art and culture.


Photo credit: Aurélien Mole

The loft recently presented theGroupe Mobile exhibition, a retrospective of the work of photographer Marc Vaux. A carpenter by profession, he developed a passion for photography in the early 1920s. He immortalised more than 6,000 artists from the Montparnasse district, printed on more than 250,000 glass plates. During the exhibition, you will discover these photographs mixed with works by other artists such as Emmanuelle Lainé or Laura Lamiel.


Photo credit: Aurélien Mole

If you want to discover a unique loft and find new sources of inspiration for your interior design, we urge you to visit this original place!

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Villa Vassilieff,
21 avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris
Until July 2nd
Free entrance