When black invites itself into your home!

“Back to black! Difficult to difficult to handle when it comes to decoration, this intense colour, which is not a colour in itself, is is not a colour in itself, but is ideal for bringing finesse and elegance to the interior of a house or flat. Find out all our tips for a chic for a chic and stylish black interior!

What furniture should you choose for a modern black interior?

Black for an elegant bedroom? For an ethnic chic room? For a designer bathroom? For an industrial industrial kitchen? For a child’s bedroom? As you can see you’ve got it, black can be found in every room in the house!

For an ethnic chic atmosphere, opt for black touches in combination with rattan furniture to give an exotic look to your exotic look to your space. For example, you can combine black decorative elements with black decorative elements with rattan furniture from Rohe NOORDWOLDE or Dirk VAN SLIEDREGT: exoticism exoticism guaranteed!

Black is also attractive for its purity and sobriety and sobriety, particularly in the fields of fashion and interior design, where it is where it is used to bring elegance and modernism. In fact, LE CORBUSIER is one of the most worthy representatives of the modernist movement along with Ludwig Mies VAN DER ROHE and Alvar AALTO

Design Market favourites for a SO BLACK decor!

Thanks to its ability to underline with finesse the lines and colours that surround it, black acts as a real revealing. Whether it’s a total black look or decorative elements, your beams doors, stairs and furniture will be highlighted to perfection! for sure!

Déco noire - Inspi 9
1. Floor lamp, 2. table, 3. chair, 4. bowl
Déco noire - Inspi 10
1. Mobile, 2. bed, 3. armchair, 4. lamp

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