White is white: white to brighten up your home!

Chic, refined, luminous, delicate… white is still very much in vogue in decoration to sublimate, soothe and enlarge your spaces. In addition to adapting to all in addition to adapting to any environment, this colour has many advantages!

What is white in decoration?

The white perfectly reflects the light that will illuminate and sublimate your interior. For a serene and invigorating atmosphere, we advise you to use white in rooms facing south. For north-facing room, white will reveal the natural light and not darken your room darken your room. Also, you can add a few mirrors from KRISTIANSSON, ADNET, TURA, MAZZA or PONTI to your room to change the volumes and reflect more light and reflect more light.

Décoration blanche : miroirs

The white is also a colour that can be easily combined, but it is important to however, it is important to balance its use between walls, floors and furniture. In order to bring personality and warmth to your interior, don’t hesitate to play with materials, add a few touches of colour and work with and work with contrasts. Timelessness guaranteed!

A charming white Scandinavian interior

Combined with light or stained wood furniture such as WEGNER, JACOBSEN, KRISTIANSEN, ANDERSEN, MOGENSEN or MOLLER, white is ideal for creating a Scandinavian style for your interior interior design. Very popular in the Nordic countries, white is a decorative trend decorative trend for small spaces and those who lack light brightness. In addition to giving the illusion of enlarging your space by capturing the light, the use of light, the use of white allows you to transform a room into a cosy and a cosy, cocooning little cocoon.

Décoration blanche scandinave

For create a warm atmosphere, we advise you to use natural materials such as natural materials such as wood and combine them with light or pastel colours pastel colours. Also think about favouring openings to the outside in order to let in natural light to let in natural light. To do this, you can use a glass roof or install screens like those from VOLAK to separate your spaces and benefit from optimal optimal luminosity.

Décoration blanche : claustras et verrières

A warm and zen white interior thanks to natural materials

So if white finds its place in all styles of decoration, it also harmonizes wonderfully with materials such as wood, concrete, rattan, etc. By using furniture made of using furniture made of natural materials such as NOORDWOLDE, WANSCHER or VAN SLIEDREGT SLIEDREGT, your white interior will be fresh and freshness and serenity. To complete your zen and warm decoration, create a contrast by a contrast by adding a few touches of bright colours with small accessories or accessories or sculptures.

Small tip: bring serenity and serenity and volume to your interior by playing with plants to counterbalance the white and enjoy a a superb winter garden.

Décoration blanche zen et chaleureuse

Design Market’s favourites for a snow-white decor!

Industrial, Scandinavian, contemporary, bohemian interior, aztec, Berber, cocooning… let this superb white coat integrate with your interior with finesse and refinement!

Inspiration déco blanche 3
1. Lamp, 2. console, 3. rug, 4. vase

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