Why switch to second hand?

Second hand, a trend to adopt! For several years now, a large number of shops (physical or virtual) have specialised in the sale of second-hand items. From the small local thrift shop to the more chic second-hand shops, second-hand goods have become a style of consumption in their own right. In this article, we will look at this in more detail.

Slow consumption

Stemming from the slow movement born in the 1980s, slow consumption is a true art of living. It is about thinking about the way we buy, and adopting some reflexes to consume differently

This trend favours second-hand products for economic and ecological reasons.

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Zero waste

Buying a piece of furniture or a piece of decoration second hand means opting for zero waste! By choosing this eco-responsible approach, we reduce waste and our carbon impact, which is a real boost for the planet.

Economical consumption

Second-hand goods have the advantage of offering very good value for money. For example, it allows you to buy pieces from great designers at a lower cost. You can even find second-hand wonders on special offer (yes, yes, it is possible). At Design Market, we even have a section on our site dedicated to this. Here are a few examples:

1. Brass chandelier – 2. Deer wall decoration – 3. Bird rug – 4. Two seater folding sofa – 5. Cansado bench by Charlotte Perriand – 6. Yellow pouf – 7. white floor lamp

High quality pieces

Second hand is a cage of quality. It offers durable pieces, made from high quality materials that you can keep for longer.

A trend to follow

Unlike new items, second-hand items have a history. In the world of decoration, this testimony of the past is very trendy. Hunting for and discovering decorative pieces at flea markets or on specialised websites allows you to create authentic retro-vintage atmospheres that are also perfectly in tune with the times.

Every week, our teams offer you to discover our vintage collections to help you find your happiness among thousands of second hand design furniture. So don’t hesitate to contact us and follow us on our social networks.

Marie Laplantine